Hung NCC check?

  • 11 December 2016
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I think I have a hung NCC check somewhere in my v4.7.3 cluster. When I try and run it myself I get the following message: "RPC failed with error: NCC is already running."

Is there any way to track this down and terminate it? I've been attempting this with that same error message for over an hour now.


4 replies

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Howdy, I've moved your post from the Community Edition forum to here.

Could you send in a support ticket real quick, and support can pop on a web conference with you and clear this up?
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You can use the 'ps -ef' command to find the node where ncc is running.
You can kill ncc with the 'kill -9 [pid]' command, but this is not a good idea.
If you can open a support ticket, you should get support~^^
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Thanks - I ended up calling support and we used the following command to resolve;

sudo python ncc/bin/ --cancel_master_task=True

I agree this was likely more graceful than doing a kill [pid] on the CVM - ncc is happy and healthy again! Thanks again for the guidance.
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Good to know that support was able to fix it very quickly.
Also to note, ^^ The above mentioned command can be destructive and should never be run without the supervision of Nutanix Support Engineer. Failure to do so may cause irreversible damage/downtime to the Nutanix cluster