how to remove the bridge (not br0) after the bridge is configured

  • 24 February 2021
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I have misconfiged a bridge(br2) in AHV(aos 5.15.4 bundle) enviroment and configured the bond br2-up with 2 physical NICs. I need to delete the birdge by the command:

manage_ovs --bridge_name br2 delete_single_bridge

but it is failed and the error is there is network card is in this bridge like ethX is used by this bridge. but I can not find how to remove the uplink NICs by the command

mange_ovs --bridge_name br2 --bond_name br2-up --interface ****(how to fill)  update_uplinks


So I delete the bridge by ssh to AHV and use command ovs-vsctl del-br br2 and recreate a new bridge by manage_ovs.


So my concerns are the following:

  1. if I want to remove the uplink NICs by manage_ovs, how to fill the --interface options?
  2. if I delete the bridge by ovs-vsctl, does it have any other risks for my enviroment?

3 replies

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Hey @chenzh4 I think this KB-8835 should answer your queries, try this out.


I hope the above KB helps. let me know if you need anything else.:sweat_smile:

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Hi AnishWalia20 , thanks for you information. I have checked this KB and seems there is no answser for my scenario. The KB just said the interface can be changed as the following command :

nutanix@cvm$ manage_ovs --bridge_name <bridge name> --interfaces <all, 100g, 40g, 10g, 1g are possible options> --bond_mode <bond mode> update_uplinks

but if I want to delete all the interface from this bond and delete the bridge. there is no options descripted. 

In My new envrioment, I just create the br2 and the uplink bond br2-up as the following command:(there is no other vm and network created with this bridge.)

 allssh "manage_ovs --bridge_name br2 create_single_bridge"

allssh "manage_ovs --bridge_name br2 --bond_name br2-up --bond_mode active-backup --interfaces eth3,eth4 --require_link=false update_uplinks"

I wang to delete br2, I used the command

allssh "manage_ovs --bridge_name br2 delete_single_bridge"

But there will be error as “OVS error ( delete_single_bridge): Bridge br2 still in use by eth3,eth4”

So how to clear the eth2 and eth3 for br2 by manage_ovs? 

I have to used ovs-vsctl del-br br2 to dekete the bridge br2 or used ovs-vsctl del-port br2 br2-up to delete the uplink bond first and then use manage_ovs --bridge_name delete_single_bridge to delete the bridge of br2

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Hello Chenzh,

On the host in question you can remove eth3 from br2 by running the following:
ovs-vsctl del-port br2 eth2