How To Remove A Cluster from Prism Central

  • 19 November 2014
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Hello -

I have a cluster in Prism Central that has been rebuilt (reinstalled ESXi, and CVMs with new IPs for them as well) but the entry for it still lingers. How do I go about deleting the stale cluster in Prism Central?

Thank you.

5 replies

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You have to unresgiter cluster from Prism Central.

You have to select the cluster you want to unresgiter, click update and Prism Central resgistration windows will open up, you will see option to unregister. In case it fails, you can also manual method.

For more details you can refer to below mentioned KB artcile.
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So, in our case, the cluster was rebuilt and re-registered under a new name in Prism Central. However, the "old" cluster name still lingers in Prism Central and just shows "This cluster is currently unavailable." I am trying to delete the old entry from Prism Central.

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I am not sure what NOS version you are running for your Prism Central but in NOS prism central, you can delete cluster from Prism central as well.


Hope this helps.
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We are currently on

Is there anything within the Prism Server VM that can be edited or executed to clear the stale record?
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You can try following steps to clear the stale cluster records from Prism Central.

1. Unregister existing clusters which are registered with Prism Central.
2. Run command cluster destoy on Prism Central VM.
3. Run command cluster --cluster_function_list="multicluster" -s [ip_address_PrismCentralVM] create.
4. Re-register your clusters with Prism Central.

Hope it helps !