How to check if NGT are properly installed on VMs.

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Hi All,

We have a customer running Nutanix on ESXi cluster, and has now bought a Nutanix DRC cluster running on AHV. NGT is mounted and installed on the VMs within the ESXi cluster, and Data Protection feature is now used to replicate the VMs from the DC cluster (ESXi) to the DRC cluster (AHV).

The problem is now, we have perform few VM clone and migration tests to the DRC cluster, but some of the VMs are unable to boot at the DRC cluster (we have installed the NGT on the supported OSes in : Operating System Supported for NGT:

Is there any possible way if we could check if the NGT is properly installed (as we did installed them successfully, but still the problem arise)?

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You should be able to see in Prism, by selecting the VM and checking the side panel "NGT enabled yes"

You can also query using ncli

ncli nutanix-guest-tools get vm-id="vm_id "
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Hi Jason,

I believe that "Enabled" is 1 thing, but "installed" is another. You can click "Enable NGT" within prism and all it does is mount the NGT installer to the VM, and the prism view and ncli cmd provided would show/output you "NGT enabled" (yes).

FYI, we have enabled and installed NGT to ALL of the protected VMs, where MOST of the VMs are bootable at the DRC cluster, but not for SOME (3 for now, yet to complete the test on all protected VMs), hence the topic creation.
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You can check NGT is communicating with the cluster I beleive with

ncli nutanix-guest-tools list

It will show an output including;
Communication Link Active : true or false

This should show if NGT is working I would think