How export vm from acropolis to local like export vm from ESXi to local (file OVF)

  • 30 August 2016
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Hello nutanix Lover

this is actually one of our customers question, they use vmware esxi for their production. and want to move to acropolis but at PRISM i can not see the menu of export vm like ESXi we can export vm and get OVF file. what can i find is export vm from acropolis and get file qcow2. and the size is not as large as OVF file. when I upload and run into acropolis it can not running well.

any suggestion guys ? would be appreciated.


6 replies

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If something is not running well, please file a support ticket on (or Dell/Lenovo if you're an OEM customer) and we can get on a WebEx and sort it out.

We dont yet have export in Prism quite yet, but we're working it. There is a way to export to qcow2 from CLI if you'd like
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Hello Jon

Glad to hear that Prism will have export file menu.
yes, I already export and got qcow2 from CLI. but still can not running on acropolis.
I'll send to support if need then.

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Yes, please put in a support ticket and we'll help you out.
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Better you can try to convert qcow2 file using command on CVM: qemu-img convert -f qcow2 -O vmdk image.qcow2 image.vmdk
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If you need to migrate vm from ESXi to AHV
- Download your vmdk file
- Upload it to AHV using Image Service on Prism
- Create vm from Prism
- Mount your disk from ADSF path to the VM
- For Windows guest, you should install virtio and NGT before migrate it to AHV

If you need to migrate vm from AHV to ESXi
- Convert your qcow2 file to vmdk
- Download your vmdk file using winscp
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Has anyone tried this yet in AOS 5.18?



New and Updated Features - Prism

OVA Support for VMs FEAT-2185

An Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) file is a tar archive file created by converting a virtual machine (VM) into an Open Virtualization Format (OVF) package for easy distribution and deployment. OVA helps you quickly create, move, or deploy VMs on different hypervisors.

Access to OVA operations is role-based. Based on your role, Prism Central helps you perform the following operations with OVAs:

  • Export an AHV VM as an OVA file.
  • Import OVAs of VMs or virtual appliances (vApp). You can import (upload) an OVA file with the QCOW2 or VMDK disk formats from a URL or the local machine.
  • Deploy OVA file as a VM.
  • Download an OVA file to your local machine.
  • Rename an OVA file.
  • Delete an OVA file.
  • Track or monitor the tasks associated with OVA operations in Tasks.

See OVAs in the Prism Central Guide for more information.