How export vm from acropolis to local like export vm from ESXi to local (file OVF)

  • 30 August 2016
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Hello nutanix Lover

this is actually one of our customers question, they use vmware esxi for their production. and want to move to acropolis but at PRISM i can not see the menu of export vm like ESXi we can export vm and get OVF file. what can i find is export vm from acropolis and get file qcow2. and the size is not as large as OVF file. when I upload and run into acropolis it can not running well.

any suggestion guys ? would be appreciated.


5 replies

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If something is not running well, please file a support ticket on (or Dell/Lenovo if you're an OEM customer) and we can get on a WebEx and sort it out.

We dont yet have export in Prism quite yet, but we're working it. There is a way to export to qcow2 from CLI if you'd like
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Hello Jon

Glad to hear that Prism will have export file menu.
yes, I already export and got qcow2 from CLI. but still can not running on acropolis.
I'll send to support if need then.

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Yes, please put in a support ticket and we'll help you out.
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Better you can try to convert qcow2 file using command on CVM: qemu-img convert -f qcow2 -O vmdk image.qcow2 image.vmdk
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If you need to migrate vm from ESXi to AHV
- Download your vmdk file
- Upload it to AHV using Image Service on Prism
- Create vm from Prism
- Mount your disk from ADSF path to the VM
- For Windows guest, you should install virtio and NGT before migrate it to AHV

If you need to migrate vm from AHV to ESXi
- Convert your qcow2 file to vmdk
- Download your vmdk file using winscp