Having issues on foundation/resetting the cluster

  • 24 July 2017
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i inheritted a NTX-1K for lab purposes.
In our current setup, my ex-colleague has the
- 2x10gs in the original portgroup connected to Mellanox S2100
- CVM/ESXi in this portgroup is tagged as vl100

- 2x1g are separated out into another portgroup connected to cisco 2960
- We created extra vnic for CVM/ESXi and tagged it as vl101 for this 1g portgroup

- IPMI port is not used.

I'm trying to reset this existing setup, so i used the applet and foundation VM but could not discovered any nodes at all.
- According to the field guide, i should connect the 1g port into a switch together with my laptop with foundation. Since our 1g port was removed from the original portgroup and tagged with a vlan, what is the best way i can 'factory reset' it ?
- My foundation-vm/applet does not detect any nodes at all. Is this because they are already part of a cluster or is this a vlan/network issue ?
- Our colleagues mentioned that having the 1g connected to the cisco switch could not discover the nodes, do you need additional config for the cisco 2960 for ipv6 switching ?

2 replies

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Hi all,

I made some progress in the resetting.
It kept failing on ipmi configuration, thats where i realised when the foundation asked for IPMI user/pass, it was'nt talking about setting the new IPMI login but its asking for EXISTING credentials.

Its looking good now at 33% progress, hopefully it all goes well
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Ok, good to hear. If you continue to experience issues let us know or contact support for assistance.