Guidance on Sockets, Cores, Logical Processors

  • 13 February 2019
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Hello again CE community!

I'm running a Dell R730 with these specs:
2 Sockets
8 Cores Each Socket
256 GB RAM

I'm running ESXi to run a 4-node cluster and want to parcel the CPU and Memory evenly among the 4 CVMs.

Q1: Based on this, what should my CVM CPU/RAM settings be?
Q2: When I allocate vCPU and RAM for VMs, how do I translate a bare-metal config spec e.g. 4x WS2016 8 CPU, 32 GB RAMto Nutanix VM specs, based on these constraints?

I just need an example to shine light on how to break down the physical to esxi to nutanix CVM to VM specs.

Thanks in advance,

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4 replies

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Have you had any luck with this?

From an AHV perspective they configure storage as Storage Profiles. It seems to be a capable solution but I do not have enough miles under the tires yet to fully comment. From what I have seen when you over-provision a data store it will adjust the other data stores to automatically balance based on the Data Store Profile (DS's can block this active feature if set on the DS).

If you have a chance take a look at the AHV Storage Profiles and, if you can, get back to the community.

Good luck!
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From the RAM/CPU requirement I have no idea for CPU but the RAM should be pretty straight forward. As with most hypervisors you are allowed to over-provision the RAM and Nutanix will identify (thru use) the over-provisioned VMs.
Hi Roberto,

Thanks for your reply. I've got the system up and its doing fine but am maybe overthinking the CPU and RAM bit. I'm doing a bit more reading on the topic and hope it all clears itself up. Seems pretty forgiving -- I just like knowing the theory behind most stuff. 🙂
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I agree. It is good to know what the numbers mean so you can try and plan out the environment. Welcome to the community.