Generate AVH ISO

  • 11 August 2017
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I'm trying to generate an AHV ISO per the instructions in the Field Installation Guide v3.9 using the following command:
./foundation --generate_kvm_iso --kvm=/home/nutanix/foundation/isos/hypervisor/kvm/host-bundle-el6.nutanix.20160925.71.tar.gzHowever I am encountering an error message:
tar: Removing leading `/' from member namesOrphan log is archived at /home/nutanix/foundation/log/archive/orphanlog-archive-20170811-071833.tar.gz2017-08-11 07:18:33,787 console: Console logger is configured2017-08-11 07:18:33,788 console: Configuring for None2017-08-11 07:18:33,788 console: Configuring for foundation2017-08-11 07:18:33,789 console: Configuring for foundation.session2017-08-11 07:18:34,010 console: Foundation 3.9.1 startedMust specify config file.2017-08-11 07:18:34,010 console: Unexpected exceptionTraceback (most recent call last): File "./foundation", line 126, in main ret = cli(options, args) File "./foundation", line 47, in cli sys.exit(1)SystemExit: 1Any sugguestions?

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If you are still experiencing trouble it will likely be faster to open a support case so they can walk through the process with you.