Forgotten password for nutanix to log onto CVM

  • 19 November 2018
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I have CE installed, and forgot the password for 'nutanix' to log onto CVM.
I have 'root' access to the host where CVM is installed.
Is there a way to reset the password for 'nutanix'

thanks for your help!

5 replies

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Used different approach, and was able to change the password and successfully logged into CVMs via SSH. (what a pain in the butt)

Method used: CentOS/Redhat root password recovery.
Recover a forgotten root password on Redhat 7 Linux Selinux system
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Do you log onto Prism ?
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Do you log onto Prism ?

Yes. I can log onto Prism.
However, The link is for paid-customer only, I guess??
When I click the link, It kicked me back to
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Do you log into Support potal ?

this is the summary .

1st, create SSH-2 RSA key using Putty or something like that.
2nd. set up "password - less" ssh login to prism called Cluster lockdown
3rd. login to cvm using ssh-2 rsa key .
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Thanks for the idea.

Try to log on to Support Portal, but I don't have S/N or Service Tag to activate.

Also, tried your RSA Pub/Priv key login method.

Tried on both Prism Central, and Prism Element, both failed saying "Server refused our key"