Fileserver afs upgrade hangs to long

  • 22 December 2017
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Hi everyone,

hope someone can help me out.

I had some Problems with the fileserver.
1. All shares went read only after arrived 90% usage because of snapshots
2. Delete the snapshots, but they still existed and share was still by 90%
3. so upgraded from 2.2.1 to

Since than, the installatin hang and my fileserver is not coming up.

Is there a way to restart the installation or cancel it via cli?

thanks for you support

3 replies

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Hi airtist1 What is hypervisor and what percentage is it hung at?
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I have a hanging upgrade for too long, also.
My upgrade is from to 2.2.1
After seeing now that is available I deleted the the downloaded 2.2.1
Now I am downloading and see if this goes well.
Cluster is on VMware 6.0 and AOS 5.1.3
I have no issues with read-only or such things.
Our main Fileserver is still an Windows Failover Cluster backed by ABS disks so just playing around.
Will post any news after upgrade.


Edit: Just saw
which is marked as solved, so it seems there are old versions around that causes upgrade to fail.
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Hello Jean,

Have you made any progress with the AFS upgrade?

If not, is there a Nutanix Support case opened, and if so, please DM me the case number.