Failed on joining Hyper-V cluster into Domain

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Hello guys,

I am facing the problem in which when I join the Nutanix cluster into the domain, an "DNS operation refused" error always occurs after that.

About my environment, this is AOS 5.0.2 and Windows Server 2012R2
AD Domain is newly built with AD and DNS servers.
What I have worked around:
- Turned off all of Firewalls on hosts as well as AD Server.
- Granted the AD user full permission on AD and DNS server (I used this to join the cluster to domain)
- Add the network into File System Whitelists
But no hope
Anyone has idea on this?

Thank you for reading my post

UPDATE: The problem has been solved by Adding and Granting Full control for AD user used to join cluster into domain as well as changing the Dynamic Updates on A record into NonSecure and Secure mode.

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