Failed Installing Nutanix CE 5.18 on Intel Nuc NUC7i7BNH

  • 3 October 2020
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Trying to perform Nutanix CE on my lab environment with the following specs.







After trying to install single node cluster , getting the below errors.


FATAL Imaging thread ‘svm’ failed with reason [None]




Anyone can help on what to do?

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Hi Mate, I’ve got 3x NUC7i5BNH nodes and the latest 5.18 CE has been a bit of a wild ride for me.

I’ll detail some things I’ve learned assuming that the i5 version is the same as your i7 version. 

  • I was running on an old CE version and using old LCM i ended up on the “LTS” path without directly selecting anything. One day I woke up to the error that my cluster wasn’t licensed and i needed to fix license issues. 
  • I couldn’t update because I was on an LTS path and the “Upgrade Compatibility list” didn’t include my LTS AHV version. Even though I was just using the inbuilt LCM...
  • On advice on a thread that didn’t 100% sort out my issue, I modified my XML and added in my AHV version and started the 5.18 version upgrade. 
  • This successfully-ish got me to AOS 5.18.
  • LCM then suggested I update AHV from 20191030.415 to 20190916.276 which I tried. It upgraded 1 node, failed and then left me with an AHV that would crash, cassandra would crash every 15 minutes, alerts that node failure was happening, and my other two nodes which hadn’t upgraded had Pithos crashes every hour or so. I decided to start again from scratch (it’s only a home lab).
  • I couldn’t install the new “ISO” based version. To me, it read that it didn’t have the drivers and was failing at a random point. 
  • Instead i downloaded the “” “Old” Disk based installer. That was successful. 
  • I immediately applied the AOS update again.
  • I left it for a day. 
  • I tried to install a windows server 2019 but the install iso would bluescreen before getting to the actual installer. 
  • I tried to restore a backup. Two ubuntu servers restore fine. My windows servers would bluescreen on boot.
  • I then went to LCM and again was presented with 20191030.415 to 20190916.276. I attempted to upgrade. 
  • It has successfully upgraded only 1 to the older labelled version. My cluster is unstable again. 
  • I read this question here:

So the story here is - unlike my first CE installation on these NUCs which ran from day 1 without issue until I got that licensing issue, the latest few installers and LCM based AHV updates seem to be missing something. 


I’m going to be trying again this weekend to reinstall. 


Please let me know if you find a working method, and I’ll do the same. I’m 100% sure that given a working installation it’ll probably be set-and-forget for another year. 


But this isn’t the first time i’ve seen the hardware compatibility there too. My Lenovo Tiny i couldn’t get working (and didn’t get an answer to) is now magically working with the ISO install. Which is great! But the Intel NUC won’t install off the ISO. And when i try to create a cluster with 3 NUC’s and a lenovo it gets stuck: 

 It’s been stuck there for just about 2 hours on “ClusterHealth”. 


But like I said if i find the right method, and fingers crossed I do, i’ll let you know. 

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Hi Razer,

Once try the following settings:-

Download and update latest NUC 7i7BNH BIOS (BNKBL357.86A), Link:- ( . Need a USB keyboard to set the BIOS settings and perform the installation, Then update all nodes.

Example :-




After the BIOS update go directly into the BIOS by pressing F2.

Change the following items:-

Advanced -> Devices -> SATA -> Chipset SATA Mode: AHCI
Advanced -> Devices -> uncheck: Audio, WLAN, Bluetooth, Enhanced Consumer IR, HDMI CEC Control and Disable SD Card



Then Advanced -> Security -> uncheck: Intel Platform Trust Technology.



Then Boot -> Boot Priority -> Disable UEFI Boot Priority ->Check: Legacy Boot.



Then Boot -> Boot Configuration -> check: Boot USB Devices First is USB.


Then Boot -> Secure Boot -> uncheck: Secure Boot




To save BIOS settings, press F10 and Yes. The system reboots...


Try again start the Nutanix CE Setup..