Expand Hybrid cluster with nodes that has different disk sizes

  • 31 October 2020
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I have a 3 node AHV cluster that uses 2x200GB SSD + 2x6GB HDD disks for each node. Would it be possible to add nodes to this cluster that uses 2x480GB SSD + 2x6GB HDD disks?

Option is to first upgrade the 200GB SSD disks to 480GB to align all nodes to the same hardware. Maybe there is some gain in that?

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1 reply

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It will be no problem to add nodes with 2x480GB SSD + 2x6GB HDD to that cluster. When different nodes have different SSD sizes, it’s not an issue. Just don’t mix different SSD sizes within the same node.

The 200Gb SSDs are generally super small. If you can replace them for bigger ones, go for it as it will give you a big performance improvement.