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I have a few questions for an installation that I need some help with. First, some history on the subject: We installed a Nutanix cluster last year and the implementation was done by a Nutanix engineer. It was a 3 node cluster, Hypervisor was ESXi (6.5).
Now, we will be installing a new seperate cluster (no relation or connection to the other cluster), but this time I will do the installation.

So here goes (bare with me I know some of these questions might be trivial, but if I was 100% sure I would not ask):

1- I will be using foundation to image the nodes (4 nodes). I will connect all 4 nodes and my laptop to the same flat switch. How many connections per node do I need? There is the IPMI, the shared 1 Gbps ports, and the high speed (25 Gbps SFP+) ports.
What I will do is connect the IPMI and 1 shared 1 Gbps ports from each node. That's 2 connections from each node. Is this correct? If not, which ports are needed for foundation?

2- I have downloaded the foundation VM (4.2.1). The network adapter is set on bridged. I will set the IP for foundation (via the set_foundation_ip_address script). Do I have to do any network configuration on the host side (my Windows laptop)? As I understand it, bridged will make the guest OS (foundation) appear as another device on the network so there should be no need to set my Windows laptop on the same network correct?

3- After finishing successfully (fingers crossed) with foundation, what shall I do on the ESXi nodes? I remember I saw the Nutanix engineer open each ESXi node and he did some configuration but I do not remember what he did exactly. From watching configuration tutorials for ESXi, I assume he did the IPv4 and DNS configuration so that the nodes can be seen by vCenter. Are the IPs for the ESXi hosts related to Nutanix in any way? i.e., should the ESXi hosts IP addresses be on the same VLAN as CVM/IPMI/...? What is the best practice here?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @rest

1 - It's correct for non-Nutanix devices, and Nutanix devices only need a shared port is enough.
2 - Yes, your laptop and foundation VM need to be same network.
3 - It depends on what you want to configure on the device.