Error for LCM inventory in PC

  • 30 January 2023
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When I want to do inventory in LCM using PC, the error showed as shown below:



Anyone know how to fix it?

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4 replies

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Hi there,


Looks like you might have a connectivity issue from the cluster to internet.

Do you have working DNS, and allowing internet access from your environment?



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If I used dark site, is that means I need config dark site config?

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Yes, dark site is possible - you’d need to download all of the bits for this.

Depending upon what version you’re using currently you might be able to direct upload the latest LCM bits through the UI and then only use file uploads for now instead of internet.


If Internet isn’t available/wanted then yeah, dark site is a good way to go!


I had this in a cluster. 
In my case it was no connectivity issue since we could to some curl commands to download the manifest file manually from the PCVM. 

We had to involve support to do a catalog cleanup via script. The LCM inventory was working again after that.