Erasure coding - 4.7 - Where did the option go?

  • 17 August 2016
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We're in the process of getting an exchange server virtualized and according to Nutanix best practice, we should create a container with EC-X enabled. When I go to create the container in the PRISM gui, there's no option to enable erasure coding.

This contradicts documentation where it shows the option under "advanced options" but on my end, it's not appearing.

6 replies

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Couple of quick questions:

1) How many nodes are in the cluster?
2) Is the cluster set to RF3 (the cluster itself, not the container). You can see this from the CLI with:

ncli cluster get-redundancy-state
nutanix@NTNX-00XX00000000-A-CVM:w.x.y.z:~$ ncli cluster get-redundancy-state

Current Redundancy Factor : 2
Desired Redundancy Factor : 2
Redundancy Factor Status : kCassandraPrepareDone=true;kZookeeperPrepareDone=true

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8 nodes (2 blocks of 4)

ncli cluster get-redundancy-state
Current Redundancy Factor : 2Desired Redundancy Factor : 2Redundancy Factor Status : kCassandraPrepareDone=true;kZookeeperPrepareDone =true
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Hey man, long time since we last chatted, hope all is well.

can you fire in a support ticket real quick on

We'll jump on a quick webex with you and hammer this out.

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Hah, Hey Jon, sure no problem.

Case number 00078800
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So you're saying if you expand "Advanced Settings" There is no option for Erasure Coding? It should be after the Replication Factor option near the top.
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This is what I see