Dell XC730 and Intel Flexible Port Partitioning

  • 26 October 2017
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Hello, first post... Has anyone tried to setup Nutanix on Dell XC730s with Intel’s Flexible Port Partitioning? I’m installing ESXi 6 and need to conserve the number of pNIC ports going to my top of rack switches. I’ve used NPAR and vNICs on other vendor hardware without issue and need the same capabilities on Nutanix. I’m also hearing that using FPP is not supported by Nutanix.

Thoughts or comments welcome!

4 replies

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We've running 12 XC730 servers with 2 10GbiT ports enabled. I'm not familiar with FPP, but what i read it is a QOS for your 10GbT ports. We also running ESXi 6 U2 and use the NIOC within vsphere 6.x. I think we use Version 3, and it is working perfectly for us.

I see some page on nutanix portal about NIOC. Nutanix mentioned that they see some high CPU usage with NIOC V3 and that you can better use V2. (I'm not seeing this on my environment)

More information about Network I/O Control (NIOC), check:
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Thanks for jumping in Koja99

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FPP is supported in "on-metal" configurations. There are some traditional VMware installs that can utilize the SIOC technology. However on XC, our Ref Arch does not include and engineering doesn't support FPP/SIOC on XC. Most of the traffic partitioning, by use-case, is supported by VLAN separation over the 10Gbe NICs.

So Gchoka, no, not supported at this time.
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Hello, I'm reviving this old post to see if anyone knows if NIC HW partitioning will be supported any time soon.