[DELL-XC] Reinstalling ESXi without Reimaging (RESET CONF)

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Hi Guys !

I was wondering if there is a cool way to make a quick reset of ESXi configuration that can be use to partially or totally automate a reconfiguration process. This is for a QA/DEV team that is working w/ me. We are automating all-in-the-box multitenant XAAS installation with the VMware full suite (I know it's a bit crazy kungfu style but my client choice is always a good choice 🙂.

So During QA / dev process, we need to take control of a node and put all the stuff in it, with DV switches / MIBS / etc... It will be great if I can prepare thoses nodes (3 max on a 6 cluster) without using foundation or RASR (it's on DELL stuff) to reset configuration. Any ideas ?


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Could you explain a bit more about the use case and process that you are trying to accomplish? Not sure I totally follow the description.

Are you asking about changing the config on a group of nodes at ESXi level to be used by a different customer and you don't want to foundation them?