CVM Boot drive missing

  • 8 August 2016
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We recently had some power work done at the office, which required the power to be cut.
When bring up our Nutanix nodes, all the CVMs seem to have lost their boot disk. Does anyone know where the boot disks are stored?

We're running hyper-v 2012 R2 on the nodes


5 replies

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Boot would be on that satadom for a commercial node which since you ref hyper-v I assume this is? Did you open a case?
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I haven't opened a case yet.
I searched through the KB articles and did find a powershell command, repair-cvm. It recreated the CVM without any errors, but when I connect to the console, it keeps checking for ./nutanix_active_svm_partition

There is an exisiting failover cluster on the nodes. Would blowing that away help in any way?
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I figured out what the issue was. Hyper-V changed how the physical drives were attached to the CVMs. Once I got that straightened out, I was able to do a repair-cvm and they're back up and running, mostly.
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Hey, if you're not 100% up, please file a support ticket ASAP and we'll get you sorted out.

Even if you are 100% up, file at ticket and we'll help walk through a quick health check with you to make sure everything is a-ok.


While migrating nutanix VM to AWS it is giving me error while launching it which is

Could not find /.nutanix_active_svm_partition

Aside to this while converting into the AWS image it is giving me

this error : "ClientError: Multiple different grub/menu.lst files found

Can you help is sorting this out? how it support to be deployed on AWS.