Could not find /.nutanix_active_svm_partition

  • 13 September 2019
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While migrating nutanix VM to AWS it is giving me error while launching it which is

Could not find /.nutanix_active_svm_partition

Aside to this while converting into the AWS image it is giving me

this error : "ClientError: Multiple different grub/menu.lst files found

Can you help is sorting this out? how it support to be deployed on AWS.

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Hi @Aakash  
Can you elaborate on the process you followed for the migration of Nutanix VMs to AHV and any official documentation which you followed?

Regarding the error “ClientError: Multiple different grub/menu.lst files found”

This may be because of multiple bootloader files getting created.

For example, you need to load grub loader but rather the lilo loader is getting loaded. You need to alter the boot loader while booting in from the boot order configuration and switching from lilo to grub.
(The process to do so varies for different OS)