Clarification on new CE Install, drive layout

  • 11 May 2024
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Hello All,

I am installing Nutanix on a four node cluster. Each cluster has three HDDs, 1 NVMe SSD and 1 SATADOM for the OS. I was intending for the SSD to be my hot tier and the HDD to serve as the cold tier.

When installing I see that it’s required for the CVM to be assigned to a disk. This seems to indicate that I will likely need to add an additional drive to the layout to dedicate to the CVM or does the CVM storage double as the cache tier? I do have an additional spot for a second SATADOM that I could use for the CVM storage however I cannot find any guidance on its required size.

Thanks in advance!

Storage devices, Cold Tier 500 GB or greater available

Maximum 18 TB (3 x 6 TB HDDs)

Hard disk drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD) for cold-tier storage

Note: Ensure that the drives are attached to the node through a Host Bus Adapter.

Storage devices, Hot Tier Flash Single 200 GB SSD or greater 

Note: Ensure that the drives are attached to the node through a Host Bus Adapter.

Hypervisor Boot Device One 32 GB capacity device per node. It can be an external (such as USB flash drive) or internal device (such as SATA DOM, M.2 SSD or SATA SSD/HDD). Nutanix has successfully tested and used external USB drives with caveats, as well as internal devices such as a SATA DOM with AHV. Nutanix recommends drives with high I/O speed and reliability.

Note: Nutanix recommends to use USB 3.0 drives or higher to avoid hypervisor imaging timed out issues.

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You can (must) use the ssd for cvm. It will not use the whole disk so there will be space left for the performance tier. 

so the sata-dom is for ahv. The ssd-nvme for cvm and the spinning disks for data.