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  • 15 November 2019
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I just deployed a Witness VM (ESXi) for our first 2 node cluster and after setting the IP and reboot it gets the host name NTNX-<IP NUMBER>-A-CVM.
Since it seems the witness VM is a kind of CVM I assume it wants to use the NTNX-<NAME>-CVM naming convention or it is OK to set the host name to whatever?
Worked fine using  “sudo /usr/local/nutanix/cluster/bin/change_cvm_hostname <hostname>” to set the host name. 

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1 reply

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Hello @Tedevil 

I’m not sure, but as you mentioned Witness VM is nothing but kinda like CVM. 

According to the following official documentation for the “NONCONFIGURABLE AHV COMPONENTS”

“Settings and contents of any Controller VM, including the name and the virtual hardware configuration (except memory when required to enable certain features).”

I advise not to go ahead and change the Witness VM name.