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  • 11 September 2015
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Hi there,

I have a simple question for cvm.Is that possible to change cvm name?



Best answer by Jon 8 August 2016, 19:25

Actually, yes , we have added support for this in commercial 4.6.1 and higher.

Command is:
$ change_cvm_hostname
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16 replies

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Seeing a very similar issue here.

AHV and CVM rename
Under > Hardware
AHV Host rename is showing properly on overview, properly on the table and diagram.

CVM is NOT renamed within PRISM.
To do that - follow these steps
KB - 2717
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Specifically, after changing both the AHV host's hosname and the CVM's hostname, when I go into the VM page of the Prism UI, neither the CVM "VM Na

me" or it's associated "Host" name show up as changed. They both still show the original hostnames of the AHV hosts and the CVMs.

In the "Hardware" page of Prism, the AHV hosts "Host Name" are correctly set after the change and the reboot of the CVM.

ssh to either the host or CVM and local hostname shows up as correctly changed at the command prompt as well as with the "hostname" command.

Edited: After a few additional minutes, the AHV hostname associated with each CVM on the VM page did update, but the CVM "VM Name" still did not.
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Hi there,

I'm also asking myself if there is an option to display the changed CVM name in Prism UI?

Best regards

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I actually changed our CVM-hostnames (still with the mentioned naming convention, but to match the naming of the physical nodes) - and it worked fine execpt for one thing:
In the cli it has the rigth name, but in the webconsole/ prism it still has the old name listed as "VM name".

How can we change this?
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Per KB 3517 (, make sure you follow the naming convention requirements:
The host name of the Controller VM must:
  • Start with NTNX-
  • End with -CVM

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In fact you need root rights, so

$ sudo su -
# change_cvm_hostname least so I did :)

Is there a documentation link for this command as well as hostname requirements? I was under the impression they had ot more or less conform to CVM naming convention.

Thank you
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I finally solved with sudo and writing the entire path to the command
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Hi, same problem here.
I tried sudoing the command but no joy: password not correct or command not recognized.
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try "sudo command " instead of "su"
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Hey Jon,

Just tried to run this change hostname command however tells me I need root permission. when logging into the cvm on my block I have been using the default nutanix/nutanix/4u, when trying to su to root it tells me the password is wrong, is there a default root passwords for the cvm's?

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Actually, yes , we have added support for this in commercial 4.6.1 and higher.

Command is:
$ change_cvm_hostname
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Has this issue been corrected?
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Thank you for the reply.
I tell to my customer that there is no way to change CVM name at this time. :)

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Unfortunatly at this time there is no way to change the CVM host name - it's automatically generated from the Block SN and the location in the block.

We're working on changing this, but in the mean time you can setup the DNS entries so that it points the name to the correct IP, even if the display name once you've logged in is incorrect.
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Let me see what I can do to get you some info - Thanks