Cannot illuminates the chassis led

  • 29 December 2020
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I downloaded iso installer with this link :

and I try to install from virtualbox with 100GB disk and 8GB ram.

And I get an “Cannot illuminates the chassis led” error during installation process.


I would like to continue installing process, does anyone have any idea on this error ?


I looked through other post that got similar error, these posts and their resolution seems to be outdated.

5 replies

Me too. 

I’m trying to set up a single node cluster for evaluation. Just a desktop i7-7700k with a sata SSD and a spinny drive. 

In my case it seems like the error is on hdparm, which is trying to execute against the usb thumb drive the machine is booted from.


I’ve got the same error while installing in a vm on a ESXi 7.0 (Dell PE R240). The idea was a nested test on my server using the newest image “ce-2020.09.16.iso”. I followed this guide to prepare the vm. But started the installer from the .iso because there was no .img in this release.

Any idea how to fix? Or should I fall back to the older version “ce-2019.11.22-stable.img.gz” with the .img.

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Hi thanks for your answer,

as Team140 said, I’m also trying to run on a vm with virtualbox without success.

I am getting the same error with both VirtualBox and on bare metal hardware (Dell PE R710)

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Hi Chie7AiRee8h,


What node model does this chassis contain?


Also, Can you check to see if the node is physically OK?