Can a cluster support 40% SSD RAID 1 and 60% HDD?

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We have a requirement where the customer has requested 5 nodes of Nutanix, having 20TB usable SSD in RAID 1 and 30TB HDD (i.e. in this ratio 40:60). The cluster will have RF3. Unfortunately this spec cannot be configured with NX and other appliances.

My question is whether it will work on a normal rack server (that supports large SSD and Xeon Scalable processors) e.g. Dell, Lenovo... where we put storage as follows: 3.84TB SSD x8 + 2TB HDD x12. According to this will allow to meet the above space requirement.

Can anyone confirm whether this is a workable solution?

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Hi Ashvin,
Firstly Nutanix does not have RAID 1 concept at all, the data is protected by RF3, u can learn more about that in or Nutanix Bible, secondly what kind of workload is customer going to run which requires 40:60 ratio of ssd:hdd, is it single workload or it is aggregation for multiple workload. based on that a proper sizing can be done to avoid any over-sell or under-sell.
Better you can contact your local Nutanix SE for help, if not possible we are here u help to always.
One of the approaches will be AFA and hybrid nodes in the single cluster but need to understand the workload first.


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The customer is adamant on this ratio or AFA. The load is web apps and databases on a 200 core 5-node cluster. Nutanix SE suggested AFA (whom I contacted after opening this thread).

But still, I want to understand if Nutanix appliances with Dell, Lenovo... can be modified. If we swap a lower capacity SSD for a larger one before configuring the cluster, will it work?
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It's better to be consulted by the Nutanix SE to verify the result of your required specs