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  • 30 June 2017
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I am trying to install a new node I received for my cluster but here is what happens :

1- At node autodetection time, the system told me that "the nodes you have selected are running hypervisor version(s) which are different than existing versions: kvm: el6.nutanix.20160925.30 on cluster. Please choose or upload installer iso(s) to reimage new nodes".
2- I tried to do so but whatever version I tried to upload (latest, 5.0.1 as the rest of the cluster is in this version, etc.) it kept telling me "1 hypervisor is detected. You might need to upload the correct software bundle or ISO image(s) respectively before expanding with selected host(s)." and failing with a red message.
3- I saw KB https://portal.nutanix.com/#/page/kbs/details?targetId=kA032000000PMeVCAW and tryied my best with different iso_whitelist.json versions but no success.
4- I thought I would go and ignore this error to solve it later on and clicked some "go on anyway" button.
5- The cluster expended, but now I have this message on my Prism Element welcome screen saying that the node is in a different version than the other ones
6- Whenever I try to migrate VMs I created recently, it fails with the message "VM with CPU hot-plug capability cannot be migrated to a host with AHV OS version less than 20160925.2" (old ones are working because they were created with a Nutanix version where this option was inexistant)
7- When I try to upgrade the cluster from 5.0.1 (version I had before installing the new node) to 5.0.3 (latest version), everything works except AHV upgrade which fails since it cannot evacuate the VMs of my old hosts to the new one (see point 6-)
8- When I try to upgrade AHV to el6.nutanix.20160925.30 (using upgrade software menu), it hangs on forever after pre-checks
9- When I try to upgrade AHV to el6.nutanix.20160925.57 (using upgrade software menu), it fails since it cannot evacuate the VMs of my old hosts to the new one (see point 6-)

I guess my biggest problem is step 8- not working properly ?

General Information :
- the platform does not have any internet connectivity
- Nutanix (Acropolis) Version 5.0.3 - Pro License (I upgraded from 5.0.1 to try to solve the problem but AHV upgrade keeps failing)
- AHV version 20160925.30 on 6 old nodes
- AHV version 20160601.20 on the new node
- NCC version
- Foundation version foundation-3.7.3-95f69cb1

Any help is more than welcome !

Best Regards

Julien Plaquevent

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As per the release notes of AHV 20160925.30, you cannot upgrade directly to it, from 20160601.20 https://portal.nutanix.com/#/page/docs/details?targetId=Release-Notes-AHV-20160925-30:sha-ahv-version-compatibility-r.html.

My suggestion would be to remove the node from the cluster, manually install AHV and AOS on it and then expand cluster.

Thank you!