Adding extra SSD and HDD disks - RASR / Crashcart fail

  • 4 December 2018
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We are adding more disks to our XC740xd-12 servers..

We have been told to do this the system needs to be rebuilt using the RASR tool.

So we evicted the server from the cluster and turned it off.
Added the SSD disks (originally 2 now 4) in the first 4 slots and then put the rest of the HDD disks in.

Booted the box and run RASR.. This seems to complete fine.
We have to then run the "crashcart" tool (for reasons I wont go into, but we need IPV4 and not IPV6)

When completing the config in the crashcart tool it crashes with the attached message.

We cant continue the install as the server hasnt then got any IP addresses for the PRISM console to register.

I agree that we could maybe configure the NIC's manually, but I need a solution everyone can run, as we have a large environment.


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