Active Directory Integration Failure

  • 19 February 2016
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Hi, i have been configuring AD in a customer and i cannot get to go with LDAP authentication when y ise ldap://:389 of the domain, either using domain.local or AD01.domain.local

When i switch to ldap://:389 works perfectly.
Things i have tried, logged in the CVMS test ping to domain.local and lookup works ok.
Any place to look for the error?


5 replies

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Can you confirm that DNS is configured on the cluster? You can verify by running "ncli cluster get-name-servers" on any CVM. If no DNS is configured you can add it via "cluster add-to-name-servers servers=x.x.x.x"

If DNS is configured then does the DC resolve when pinging it by hostname in the CVM?

If both are true let me know the NOS version you are seeing the issue in.

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thanks for your fast reply.

I have tried the command and i get the correct DNS i configured.
Also i tried pinging by the FQDN and it resolves ok.

I am using NOS 4.5.2 and ESXi 6.0

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Could you open a case to have an engineer check the logs for the failure? The case can be open via

I am not seeing any known defects that would cause such an issue and I have seen FQDN used in the past. The engineer assigned should be able to turn on Prism debugging and tail the prism_gateway.log to see what is occurring on the backend when the FQDN is used vs IP to isolate the issue.

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Use AD controller IP address instead. It will work.
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Having a similar problem here. CVM's have the correct ip's for my DNS, but I cannot login or even successfully test the directory connection. I have tried mapping roles to groups and users... not sure what to do here besides open a ticket.