4 nics?

  • 27 November 2018
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our 1065 device/s has two 10GB and two 1GB NICs; can we use all of them?

So if I wanted to say add a DMZ, I could use the 1GB NICs for this?
Specifically in vmware hypervisor, my options are vlan all the way, or separate by physical interface (best practice). Can this be achieved? Removing the 1GB from the default networks is supported?

4 replies

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It is my understanding that the 1 GiB NICs are for IPMI (read iLo) and that the 10GiB NICs are for shared data transfer (eth0, eth1 and possibly eth2 if you micro-segment).

From what I have seen when the nodes are foundationed all four interfaces (excluding eth2 mentioned above) are bound via OvS and then when you move forward you separate the 1 GiB for IPMI.

Let us know what your experience is please.
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On our 1065-G5 nodes the IPMIs have their dedicated interface. All 1G and 10G NICs got assigned to OVS br0/bond0 on first install. Post-install we moved 1G-interfaces to a new br1/bond1 for use with user VMs. 10G interfaces are exclusively for CVMs (and HYCU VM) here. I think this procedure is still best practise.
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That is my understanding as well. Thank you.
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