Nutanix Sizer and Collector importing PD snapshot sizes (delta) and size cluster based on schedules

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I wish there was a way for Nutanix Collector to import not just VMs usage/resources but the respective protection domains along with the various types of snapshot schedules (i.e. Nearsync/Metro/Async). It would be rather easy to import the snapshot sizes of the local cluster & DR cluster along with the VM to PD association to make the sizing process a bit more well rounded for any configuration. 

It seems that hourly snapshots have ‘new’ requirements with respect to ‘dense nodes’ that 4 SSDs. This is critical information, specially since SSD capacities involves licensing.

Unfortunately this (new) info is not uniformly mentioned in all the various docs:


The information seems to be spread around about this “requirements” – and if you don’t read the “right” document, it’s easy to get missed.

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