Xenserver and Nutanix

  • 4 December 2017
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Hi community,

I've an running XenServer environment on HP DL 380 Gen 9 and DL 380 Gen 8. Actual each Server is using two disk in a raid and has 6 spare disk slots.

Is it possible to install 1-2 SSDs and 4 HDDs into the free slots. Install Nutranix CVM as a VM on the XenServer, map the disks to the CVM and use this as storage for the VMs running on the XenServer?

Many thanks

1 reply

Hi Metz,

Thanks for you post with Nutanix community.! Firstly. I would like to inform Installing CVM manually might interfere with Xenserver Networking and Storage configurations. As, this is not a fresh installation of Nutanix-Xenserver infrastructure. 

I would like to provide documents in specific in regards to HPE® PROLIANT® SERVERS with Nutanix, Apologies, This might need user account to access the documents.


Unfortunately, Current Hardware Compatibility matrix does not hold any XenServer/Citrix Hypervisor versions.