VM-VM Anti Afinity configuration

  • 24 March 2023
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How can I disable ani-affinity rules ? 


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Here is the doc:


 Thank you. I’ve seen that doc as well. I think the next thing would be trying to figure out what the group name is so that I can delete it. 


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acli vm_group.list

acli vm_group.get group_name

acli vm_group.list
VmGroup name  VmGroup UUID

Are these the groups?

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vm_group.list will show you all groups

<acropolis> vm_group.list 
VmGroup name     VmGroup UUID
test-vm-group        8606-bb62-4f4d-b7df-67c4e020177b


vm_group.get will show you applied policy. kAntiAffinity
<acropolis> vm_group.get test-vm-group
test-vm-group {
  affinity {
    constraint: "kShould"
    policy: "kAntiAffinity"
  name: "test-vm-group"
  uuid: "8606-bb62-4f4d-b7df-67c4e020177b"


vm_group.list_vms will show you VMs inside of the provided group

<acropolis> vm_group.list_vms test-vm-group

VM name            VM UUID
test-1                  c60754b7-357f-4a95-abbc-4450eb05
test-2                  7d1c50be-7517-475c-9834-63ce14c


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<acropolis> vm_group.
vm_group.add_vms                Add VMs to a VM group.
vm_group.antiaffinity_set       Enables vm-vm preferential anti-affinity.
vm_group.antiaffinity_unset   Clears vm-vm anti-affinity.
vm_group.create                    Creates one or more VM groups.
vm_group.delete                    Deletes one or more VM groups.
vm_group.get                         Retrieves information about a VM group.
vm_group.list                          Lists all VM groups.
vm_group.list_vms                 Lists VMs configured to the VmGroup.
vm_group.remove_vms         Remove VMs from a VM group.
vm_group.update                   Updates the specified VM groups.