User management on CVM

  • 13 September 2016
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I have added a sudo user to a CVM node and found I am unable to login using the account name/password - with permission denied - using ssh or by su
I changed the sshd config to allow user to login and still have the problem
Is the system that secure that new users cannot be added?

5 replies

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What operation are you trying to perform on the Nutanix CVM? The first preference would be to use the REST API or Prism to do these tasks.

If that's not an option, let me know what you're trying to do and we can figure out a way.
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This came off the issue I had earlier today when I was unable to access the CVM as the nutanix account was locked out. It is usual for me to add at least one aother account so have two to access servers ; root and 1 other. I dont have a root user password for the CVM/Prism nodes so in this instance what i was trying to do became an issue as I could not login to the node.
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Hi Robert,

did you ever solve this issue with the "nutanix" user? I just ran into the same issue but with a different root cause. My post is here:

Regards Christian

Update 2017-10-30 07:54 CET

Ok I just solved it. After reading tons of Linux articles I found this:

1. Basically I logged in with my PRISM "admin" account
2. I ran: su root - pasword = nutanix/4
3. passwd nutanix

Works :)
I tried a couple of times to log in with root and nutanix/4u directly via putty which didn't work but the "su root" command works.
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Yes it resolved itself. I recall the account was locked out and the timer expired or cleared on a reboot.
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Hi roberthwl

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