Usable capacity for 3050 and 6020 nodes

  • 7 November 2014
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HI all,

I would appreciate it if someone tell me the following:

How much usable space there is on a 3050 and 6020 node?
Roughly the amount of is each node capable of assuming a 70/30 Read/Write ratio and 4KiB transfer size?


5 replies

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Hi Glaux

The 3050 is 2.02 TB with RF=2 & the 6020 is 9.45 TB per node with RF=2. Performance will go up based on the NOS version, what version are you running?
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Hi Glaux,

Please reference our KB on "Recommended guidelines for maximum storage utilization on a cluster"
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We have a quote, was just wondering what the usable capacity is compared to other solutions. It's something you should put up on your spec sheets to save potential customers wondering what some of the most basic specs are.
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You can check below mentioned KB article as well. It points to actual user available storage capacity.
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Try looking at and put in the specs of the first model, then repeat the process for the 2nd model and add it up (taking into account the number of nodes). It will give a good usable approximation (including replication factor).