Upgrade AOS 4.6 to 4.7

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We are Planning to upgrade AOS 4.6 to 4.7 1. What would be the steps to perform the same, and pre checks? 2. Can the existing licenses be OK, or we need to add new licenses?

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Also, you do not need new licenses, forgot to answer that before.

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AOS 4.7 Release Notes (Read Me First)

AOS Release Notes (Read Me Second)

AOS 4.7 Upgrade Guide (Read Me Third)

Read those three guides top to bottom
Install the latest NCC (2.3.1) on the existing 4.6 cluster, and run a full NCC via CLI
Assuming everything comes back clean from NCC, use the methods laid out in the Upgrade Guide to upgrade the cluster to or later (which is pretty much click upgrade software in the GUI and follow the wizard, very easy)
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Also, you do not need new licenses, forgot to answer that before.
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Thanks for the reply & answer.

We have a Metro availablity configuration, whats the pre-caution to take during the Upgrade of AOS or NCC.

Also from the knowledge perspective we Mount the containers after creation of the Protection domain.
Why is the need to Mount it on the secondary site as it may cause a risk if somebody writes in it by mistake. Please provide a suggestion on the 2 queries.
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Metro containers need to be mounted on both sides so that vSphere HA can be enabled properly. You are right that in a secondary situation, you might be having a less than ideal write path, if an admin does something incorrectly like put VM's on a secondary container on the wrong cluster, but that is similar in every sort of "metro" storage product.

Stephane from our PS group did a nice blog about VM placement, DRS rules, and the like here:

Worth a read, even has a nice script in there to make rules for DRS.

WRT Upgrades: Please make a support ticket and we'd be happy to step you through upgrading this metro environment. If you are NX or SX customer, go to to open ticket. If you are XC or HX customer, open the ticket through the server OEM (Dell or Lenovo respectively)
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We have upgrade the AOS from 4.1.4 to
We are now planning to upgrade form to version 5.0.3.
Please help me to check if i need to upgrade my Licenses to Version 5.0