Updating VM via PrismCentral v3 API

  • 17 April 2020
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This is a continuation of the post that I wrote here:

Part of this was resolved however we are still running into an issue with some of our VMs in which they get stuck in this state:

"status": {
"description": "2016 Template-4/17/19",
"state": "ERROR",
"execution_context": {
"task_uuids": [
"message_list": [
"message": "Edit conflict: please retry change. Entity CAS version mismatch.",

The only way to clear it is to power the VM down and update the VM within the GUI. 

However, upon trying to subsequently update the VM by API it results int the same error. Please advise.

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3 replies

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@Riddhima.singh I’m using AOS 5.15.4 and Prism Central pc.2021.1.0.1 and I’m experiencing the same problem as @etr.eric reported. I’ve asked the same question here. Have you been able to get this to work and if yes, what versions of PE/PC are you running?

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@etr.eric Thank you for re-posting the question. I have gone through the previous post which were marked answered but you still had an issue. Are you still facing this issue and did you get a chance to upgrade prism element and prism central from 5.11.x series to latest compatible versions?
please have a look at the upgrade path guide from the portal

Let me know on this, would be happy to help!

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Hi all,

I have the same issue.

I create a VM using ansible with PC and not PE connection and add a second network interface in a second task still with PC connection.

Everything worked fine but now I have the same error, impossible to add another network interface.
My PC version is also pc.2021.1.0.1 and my PE is running AOS


I manage to upgrade PC to pc.2021.3.0.2 or later on my lab environments, I will advise if something change or if I still have the same error.


Does anyone had this isue and finally it ?

I already use the variable  use_categories_mapping: true, is there another variable needed to make it work again ?