Unsure Of GET /Hosts Return Values

  • 17 January 2021
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Hi! I have been trying to use Nutanix API V2 and i have been going through API docs for
GET /hosts
and there are some fields I am not sure what exactly is expected to be returned, if someone could help me with that. I’d really appreciate it.
entities → disk_hardware_configs → boot_disk
entities → disk_hardware_configs → only_boot_disk
- what does those fields mean?

entities → disk_hardware_configs → background_operation

I am unsure what is exactly background_operation value holds and what is it’s type (String/Object/etc) as I am receiving empty value for it now, but I want to be able to cover it in the future when non-null values are returned.

5 replies

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I will get back to you with answer. Thank you

Thanks! waiting on your reply.

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I believe only_boot_disk and boot_disk means single SSD CVM or dual SSD CVM. Single SSD should be having only_book_disk true

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I could not find much info. I will upgrade AOS to see if it will provide you value. There are many fields that will return null. It can also mean the field is empty. Nothing is written in parameter inside cluster.


Another question bothering me, i’ve noticed API Docs for the following
there is a limit for ‘count’ query parameter to be between 1-1000 (noticed this by doing API calls)
Assume I have more than 1000 alerts in the system, what will be returned by this API call without count query parameter mentioned?
all of the alerts? newest 1000 alerts? oldest 1000 alerts? something else?