Unable to resolve old alerts from decommissioned host

  • 13 January 2021
  • 9 replies

Hello Team,

Can anyone guide me about resolving some old alerts which were generated from discarded or decommissioned host/cluster.

While I am trying to resolve them, it says "Resolving alert(s) failed"

Please help.

9 replies

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What alerts exactly are you getting?

These are some CVM reboot alerts which were generated long back.
We decommissioned that cluster and those hosts later on.

Now these few alerts are showing as active and throwing error while acknowledging or resolving.

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Have you removed this host from cluster?

Yes, hosts and cluster both are removed and no longer available in the environment.

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Maybe this will help you:

Yeah I checked this too, mate.
But that cluster isn't available anymore from which I can pick the cvm to run that command.

There is something which need to dig on prism central.

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I will check around to see if I find something usefull.

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Maybe best solution would be to destroy Prism central and create new one.

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Is it possible that the cluster was deleted without following the recommended procedure or the effects of the procedure were not verified before deleting the cluster?

I would try cleaning up PE traces from PC (follow “Unregister PE from PC (PE is deleted without registration)”) and if that does not work, opened a case with Nutanix Support to clean up stale alerts in PC.