Storage Vmotion on nutanix Cluster

  • 13 December 2017
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I have one singale storage pool and 3 containers configured on ESXi Clsuter,if i have got latency issues on one Container , can we do storage Vmotion to reduce IOPS on nutanix ?as we do in normal vsphere environment with shared SAN.

5 replies

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I know you are running ESXi but Nutanix recommends that you use a single container in an AHV cluster to simplify VM and image management. I apply the same logic with ESXi. Keep it simple. Dedupe, Compression, Erasure Coding, etc will all be handled automagically unless you need to use these features separately which then different containers make sense. 🙂

With that said, you can do sVMotion to another container as that is just another datasore. But I do not see how this would help increase IOPS as it is all apart of the same DSF anyway.

What you could do it allow VM’s and virtual disks to be pinned to the flash tier on a discrete basis as needed. We have a very large Nutanix footprint with some very IO intensive applications and we have never had to do this.
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Thanks for reply ,I understand , I want to know the procedure how to pinned some particuler HDD and VMS to SSD tier manually?

Could you provide the steps to do that in order to reduce IOPS on particular Nutanix container?
and what more stepes we can take to distribute higer IOPS in DFS cluster.

Akash- You can refer below article

Hi All,

I have multiple containers with different policies, like DC, DCE, CE and C. So, is there any impact if I migrate a VM from container DC to C or DCE?

They really need to add storage vmotion!!