Single Node upgrade before adding to cluster

  • 19 February 2015
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I'm trying to add a node with NOS to a 3 nodes cluster with NOS

The procedure is to updrade the node to add to the cluster with this command line from a CVM of the cluster :

nutanix@cvm$ /home/nutanix/cluster/bin/cluster -u new_node_cvm_ip_address upgrade_node
The problem is that my single node have no ip address (DHCP) because it was shipped imaged with Hyper-V. Do I have to re image the node ? Otherwise, what is the process to set an IP address on the CVM to run the upgrade ?



1 reply

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Hi Alex,

What is the Hypervisor running on the cluster of 3 nodes that you have?

Situation 1:
The hypervisor on your 3 node cluster is not Hyper-V, then you would have to have the new node re-imaged to ESXi (considering you cluster is running VMware).
During re-imaging to ESXi, you can have it re-imaged directly to NOS

Situation 2:
If you are running Hyper-V on the 3 node cluster, and would like to only upgrade the new node's CVM NOS version to 4.1.1,.2 then follow the procedure mentioned in the below link to give an ip addrews to the new node's CVM:

Since you do not have an IP address you cannot ssh, hence just make sure you use direct console (either using Hyper-V manager or SCVMM) to the CVM to login and update the CVM IP address as mentioned in the above portal link.

Please let us know the situation and the help you need further.