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  • 21 December 2018
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Is there a charge for the SCCM management packs? Is anyone using SCCM to monitor their Nutanix environment? How does this compare to PRISM Central? We don't need all of the features of PRISM Central, and were told you either license it all or nothing. Not sure if that is correct.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Are you referring to SCOM?

If so, please refer below doc.
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Do have a sales rep? CE is the free lab release of nutanix so not sure if you will get the best answer here. I didn't think Central cost money above the core, but may be behind the times.
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Are you referring to SCOM?

If so, please refer below doc.
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Prism Central is for free; there are some features of Prism Central (Pro Edition: custom dashboards, capacity planning, and advanced search capabilities) which has to be licensed if you want to use them.
The SCOM package from support site has no extra cost ;
there is also a advanced SCCM pack available from HYCU :
Thanks - first off, it is SCOM (Operations Manager - my bad), and I appreciate the link, sandeepmp . We do have a sales rep, which is who gave me the 'all or nothing' response. We weren't really in need of another centralized management console with a narrow focus if we can avoid it. SCOM is our tool of choice whenever we can for the environment. I'll do a little more research and see if the SCOM package will meet out needs. It seemed that out of Prism Central we were only really interested in the capacity planning additional license. This where the 'license all pro features or none' is coming from. That said, we're pretty sure we've got enough processor and RAM for all our needs, but disk is a different story. If I can get a tool in place that tracks use and change in use over time, I'll be set.

Thank you all for your help.