Safely decommissioning Prism Central

  • 5 January 2022
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Firstly I am new to Nutanix and still have a lot (everything?) to learn on the subject. 

I have a single Nutanix cluster running AVH and a number of VMs in production, when the cluster was setup (by a contractor) a Prism Central trial was also setup. To be honest, with a single cluster I have not found any real need to Central so now the trial is up I was wanting to decommission it.

The PC VM is also being reported as a ‘bully’ in the cluster so another reason to get rid. Obviously I could just switch it off, but I’m sure that there is more to it than that to safely and cleanly remove the PC instance. 

Considering my newbie status does anyone have any specific articles they know of, or even better some instructions I can follow to safely and cleanly remove PC from the environment please?


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Here is a good reply, I hope you find it helpful: Something went wrong? How to delete Prism Central VM