Removable Media and DR

  • 10 April 2014
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I am trying to position NX-1050 with three nodes for our small data center. I have two questions:

1- Our IT admin used to take backup from legacy Dell servers on a USB drive. Can he still do this with NX-1050?

2- The DR site will use legacy servers (rather than Nutanix), will that still work (I guess after using some VM backup tool such as Veeam or Vranger)?




2 replies

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You are correct,

1. We have a few USB ports that you can plug into.

2. You would need to use a software based replication product like vRanger or VEEAM.

Tony Holland
Nutanix Senior Systems Engineer (Midwest)
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Virtual machine is a few files: disk, bios and so on.
Virtual machine is abstructed from real hardware so when you make hardware upgrade you don't need any changes inside VM, because each VM has its own virtual hardware.
The only reason to power off VM with hardware change is different CPU for example you use Nehalem and now you are going to use Sandy Bridge, if you have EVC you can migrate VM, if not or change from Intel to AMD you should power off VM.
As each virtual machine has it's own virtual hardware it's important than on DR site you vSphere understand and support you vHW. For example on main site you use 5.5 and vHW 10 and on DR 5.1 and vHW 9 we cann't start VM with vHW 10.
If all sites have the same version you won't see any problem.