relocate virtual disk from one VM to another in AHV

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Is it possible to relocate one of the virtual disks from one VM to another VM inside the AHV?
If it's possible, will I be able to perform the task inside the Prism or need to use command line to perform?

Also, will I be able to reuse the MAC address from a deleted VM to a new VM via Prism?

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what is your purpose of moving VM data vmdisk to other location?
I got 2 vmdisks, and want to move 2nd vmdisk (none OS system disk) to another VM, is this possible done by AHV?
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acli vm.list
* Get VM disk uuid
acli vm.get vmuuid
From the output find the "vmdisk_uuid" based on the index
* Find the complete disk path
nfs_ls -liaR [Run from any cvm, which will list out disk full path under container]
* Add an image with this disk [to be on safer side], copy from ADFS path
* Add this disk to VM