Radically Simple Hypervisor Upgrades

  • 22 December 2014
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Jerome Joseph and Suda Srinivasan have written a really cool blog post, I have posted the first half here and will link to the rest of the article. Let me know what you think!


Many of the key product and feature decisions at Nutanix are driven by our mission to deliver uncompromising simplicity to the enterprise datacenter. NOS 4.0 release announced in May, Nutanix brought one-click automation to the non-disruptive upgrade process of the Nutanix Operating System. Automated non-disruptive NOS upgrades make the lives of IT admins easier by simplifying IT operations and enabling always-on operation. Our customers loved it and told the world about it.

In the next release of the operating system, NOS 4.1, we are going a step further and tackling another significant customer pain point — the hypervisor upgrade. Hypervisor upgrade challenges account for a sizable number of customer cases that the Nutanix support team has had to deal with. The new hypervisor upgrade feature brings the same degree of simplicity and functionality to the upgrade of the hypervisor as with the Nutanix Operating System upgrade. Moreover, this feature makes the process of upgrading hypervisors uniform across vendors.

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