Question the possibility of backup the snapshot using 3rd backup software which is generated by Prism

  • 9 November 2023
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Requirement: Need do two backups before batch and after batch for one SQL Server

I have an idea about backup (The hypervisor is VMware):

  • Do NTNX snapshot from Prism web UI.
  • Using 3rd backup software to backup this NTNX snapshot

My question is: How to backup this snapshot using the 3rd backup software? How to let 3rd backup software know this snapshot? Because VMware doesn’t aware this snapshot.

Thank you very much!



1 reply

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I checked the Nutanix KB and extract some in this reply:

NOTE: This workflow mainly applies to AHV and NTNX snapshots created via AOS. Typically 3rd party backup integration on ESXi or Hyper-V does not utilize Nutanix API calls and snapshot creation is handled via the hypervisor (VMware snapshots/Hyper-V checkpoints). However, depending on the backup vendor, this workflow can also be utilized on other hypervisors - some backup vendors can allow the utilization of NTNX snapshots instead of VMware snapshots or Hyper-V checkpoints.

  • If integrated via the Prism VIP:
    • An internal system PD is leveraged 
    • Temporary volume groups are created during the backup process and deleted once the backup process completes
    • NTNX snapshots are leveraged
    • API calls are used


Anyone know which 3rd party backup software will leverage NTNX snapshots?