Proper Method for Shutting Down Host in Nutanix Enviornment?

  • 19 October 2016
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Hey all,

We have to shut down one of our Nutanix devices to replace a faulty fan. I just want to make sure what the proper method for shutting a host down in vshpere.

My assumption is to first migrate all VMs to different hosts, then shut down the CVM, put the host in "matainence mode", then shut down the Host.
Also, if this is indeed correct, the method would be in reverse when getting it back online?

I just want to verify this is right? Any help would be appreciated.


1 reply

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Kinda, but after you move the VM's off, to properly shut down a single CVM, you should log into the CVM and use the command cvm_shutdown first, which gracefully stops all the services on that system, then you can put the underlying vsphere host into maintenance mode.

On the way back, you just need to come out of maint mode and power on the CVM, then do a cluster status after it boots, make sure all the services came up.

Anyhow, please work with your support rep and they can help you over webex if you'd like