Powershell command to perform PD failover

  • 13 February 2017
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I'm looking to script the failover of multiple PD from one site to another. However, when I run the following command, I get an error indicating that "Specified remote site [RemoteSiteName] does not exist".

Here is the command I attempt;
Migrate-ntnxprotectiondomain -name [PD_name] -FailoverSite [RemoteSiteName]

This is for a cluster running AOS 4.7.3

4 replies

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I found the "Promote-NTNXProtectionDomainStretchCluster" cmdlet instead which meets my needs.
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Ok, now I'm stuck again- when I attempt to failback my Metro PD, I run...

"Start-NTNXProtectionDomainStretchCluster -PdName [NameOfPD] -ReEnable"

...and it returns the following message;

FullyQualifiedErrorId : {"message":"VStore name is required enabling Metro Availability"}
mandg So you promoted the secondary site of a Metro Cluster, and now you're wanting to fail back to the original primary site?
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Hi mandg,

Do you receive any alert while trying to "re-enable" the metro PD from Prism? If yes, please share the error

Please use the below command and let me know if u receive any errors.

Start-NTNXProtectionDomainStretchCluster -PdName "Metro_PD_Name" -ReEnable $true

Sandeep MP