Old (ish) dog, exploring new tricks

  • 25 October 2018
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Hi All

I have recently started working with Nutanix in the UK as a distribution business manager. My previous roles have always revolved around tier 1 'hardware' vendors.

Whilst i have a basic understanding of Nutanix and the value/opportunities it can offer partners, i was hoping this community would be able to advise me of some good places to start so i can really understanding Nutanix as a business, its strategies, its focuses and its overall business ethos.

Any ideas welcome


5 replies

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what i understand you have joined the nutanix if so your internal team would be best source to get the info. community is open for partners and clients also.
Hi, thanks.

Apologises if i wasn't clear. I am working within Distribution managing the Nutanix brand....
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start as mention above from sales to technical , very informative also read the nutanix bible

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Hi @BenService1

Some resources to get you started:
I think thats a great start, let me know if you need anything else