NX-3000 - Power supply query

  • 19 August 2015
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In the specification it shows the power supply as below. What does this means? The block has two power supply for failover. Does this mean one power supply 1.1kW Out and the second one is 2.0 kW Out?

1.1kW Out@100-120V, 12.7-10.5A, 50-60Hz2.0kW Out@200-240V, 10.0-9.8A, 50-60Hz

2 replies

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I suspect you'll find that these are different regional power supplies. I believe US tend to operate at 110 / 120 volts and many other areas of the world operate between 220 and 240 (I think it's 230 for the UK). Hence differnt power supply options are listed.

I'm not a DC electrician though and the limit of of my technical knowledge is that it's generally a bad idea to drop an electric hair dryer in the bath.
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Well many AC powersupplies are switching (hopefully auto these days) so they can be used over the entire spectrum. DC direct is a bit of a different beast so I will leave that on the side.

Many datacenters will use 220 even in the US as the power density of servers today could run a 110 dry even on a 3 phase distribution. If I can drop 25-30kw in a rack doing that on 110 is a bit of a stretch.

The ps in this case will make 1kw at a ~110v and 2kw at a ~220v supply. The 2x1kw would likely run the 4 nodes w/o an issue, BUT if you lost one you might be pushing the boundaries depending on your disk, cpu,mem config so I believe the server will start throttling.

The 220 service per supply will allow the whole box to run full bore even on a single supply.

That help?